Spine Alignment

Spinal Alignment

According to the official holistic method of Anne Hübner, recognized all over the world, the establishment of the Divine Order benefits all levels of existence

The Divine Alignment of the spine is an innovative quantum holistic energetic technique, successfully brought to the knowledge of the world of alternative therapies by the famous German medium and spiritual healer Anne Hubner since the early 90s and made known in Italy by Anna Maria Pinto her student and collaborator at the school itself. The individual treatment takes place in a single meeting, without physical manipulations, only through computerized quantum energy, combined with the intelligence of the spirit.
Alignment is an activation of the Spiritual Body and not of the physical body, which does a perfect job. It is high frequency energy which, in a few moments and without any physical contact, harmonizes the whole living being. Vertebral displacements can originate from various factors: For example, congenital or from forcing at birth, or from a trauma such as a fall, but often also from animic / spiritual conflicts.
The vertebral column is our “antenna” and receives information at all times, positive or negative, which it downloads into the central nervous system. From here, through electrical impulses joined to the water of our body, which acts as a conductor, they reach the organs connected to the column itself. Many diseases arise from an excessive load of negative information reaching our weak points. All the blocks that led to an imbalance are recognized and dissolved. In a single treatment after the alignment of the spine, a process of transformation, dissolution and change begins on all planes of the body.
Through the Alignment, you will witness a phenomenal natural change that has made transformation processes directly visible to many people.
Physical, but also spiritual and consciousness disturbances, resolve themselves by allowing our vibrational wave to tune in and resonate within ourselves.
Once the energy of the Alignment has been received, this “works” immediately from within, interacting with our subtle bodies and raising our energy and frequency level.
There is no age limit or contraindications: even grandparents and children can unlock and dissolve traumas that can come from conception as from previous life memories. Energy works on all the information contained in the field going to “unlock” all those impediments that stand in the way of “fluidification” and the restoration of the original primary order. It is a holistic energetic treatment and if the most evident effect immediately is on the physical body, on the emotional and subtle body, the manifestations are more individual, each respecting their own time.
Each one experiences his / her Alignment experience in a subjective way regarding sensations and perceptions.
“The result is no different if the recipient has or does not already have awareness acquired through previous evolutionary and consciousness paths”
Anyone who has consciousness can receive this activation, including animals and plants. On the physical body, for everyone he works approximately up to seven years; in DNA the change is immediate.

Frequently Ask Question

What is Spine Spiritual Healing Alignment, best known as Allineamento Divino?

Absolutely No. The name was channeled like this and “divine” is only to be understood as something “perfect”.

It is for everyone, without distinction.

It is a one-time activation and there is no need to repeat it.

Not, it also works on animals and plants.

No, absolutely, it is the pelvis that assumes a correct position producing balance in the physical body, making the legs more perpendicular.

No contraindications, anyone can do it.

Absolutely not. Energy is neutral and is only an instrument. It therefore depends on who uses it and how it is used.

Yes, it can also be done to the dead.

It can be done. Of course only in special cases, when the person concerned cannot really move.

Yes, this is because Alignment is an activation of the spiritual body.

There are more sensitive people who feel the energy and others do not, but this is not decisive for the results.

Yes, it works on the spiritual, mental, energetic, vibrational, emotional, soul and finally the physical body.

Normally not, however some people have noticed muscle soreness that they have solved with natural arnica, rosemary or devil’s claw ointments.

Alignment works for a long time on all bodies, excluding the physical body where it works up to 7 years, which is indicatively the time it takes for the body to fully regenerate on a cellular level.

Yes, it can be done, every external part is considered by the intelligence of energy as part of the body.

Yes of course. The check is free, but must be agreed. In this case, it is essential to bring the card received after the Alignment with you.

Dates and locations where it is possible to receive the Alignment are specified on this website, on Internet, on Facebook or on the websites and pages of the holistic centers as they organize. Of course you can also contact us by e-mail, or by phone and WhatsApp.

Alignment is a beautiful experience, a “call of the heart” and if it resonates with you, we recommend that you watch the explanatory videos before going to your session.

Let yourself happen, each person has a subjective time for their resolution. Who minutes, who hours, who days, months or years. The energy, which does not manipulate and does not force, naturally accompanies you in a personal process of eliminating memories

Features and Benefits
  • Energy treatment of the spine
  • Postural and physical balance of all our 7 bodies
  • Inner rebalancing
  • It is an activation that is done only once in a lifetime
  • It is not a physical manipulation treatment
  • It is for everyone, without contraindications
  • Alignment in the physical body is immediately visible
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    Dear friend looking for help, for better trasparency and considering the current law, I invite you to read the following points:
    Anna Maria Pinto, like the team of SpiritualHealers, are not doctors or naturopaths, mor claim to be.
    As recognized SpiritualHealers, they accomplish their tasks only through the energy, the force and intelligence of te Spirit.
    SpiritualHealing is not a medical practice, but rather a spiritual procedure.
    A SpiritualHealer makes no healing promises and makes no diagnosis.
    A SpiritualHealer does not recommend stopping medical treatments or treatments prescribed by medics.
    The client, deciding to be treated with any of the available treatments, fully agrees that the SpiritualHealer, in the exercise of his abilities, places hands on specific parts of the body.
    The client, who freely decides to be treated by a SpiritualHealer with any available holistic techniques, assumes full responsibility for his decision and therefore renounces any type of legal action against the person who performed the treatment and his collaborators.
    The client who confirm his assent to be treated, is fully aware of the type of help that a holistic SpiritualHealer can give.