Holistic Spiritual Transformation

You have to think in terms of Energy, Vibrations and Frequencies
“Nikola Tesla”

Spine Alignment

Spine Alignment

Visible and demonstrable Spiritual Healing through Alignment is a quantum leap into a new dimension for all, with DNA change.

Filipino Treatment

Filipino Treatment

Technique of the Three Bodies, physical, soul and spiritual, according to the traditional Filipino official method, relying on the Spiritual Guides.

Quantum Regression

Quantum Regression

The case does not exist because there is a correlation between events and the observer. This works on the quantum field and allows you to change reality.



Reiki is the conscious union of the energy that comes from the "Creative Source" (REI) with the vital energy of the individual (KI).



Circular and conscious breathing technique that makes us retrace our birth and our entrance into the world, solving blocks and experienced traumas.

Theta Healing

Theta Healing

Technique that allows us to go to the origin of problems and to replace negative thoughts and conditionings with positive states and well-being.

Anna Maria Pinto

Holistic international operator, researcher in the physical-quantum field. Among the first and best known official aligners and direct collaborator of the school of Anne Hübner. Revelator of the Matrix. For over twenty years she has been studying holistic sciences, hermetic philosophy and the metaphysical and mystical sphere. In particular, she is a councelor, life coach and aligner. Officially recognized in the Philippines as an holistic operator following the traditional school technique.
She also works with multiple energy techniques.
All holistic techniques used are deliberately techniques in the absence of manipulation, thus allowing the natural flow and process of transformation and evolution of consciousness.

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Spine Alignment


We present this technique which is incredible!
You only get once in a lifetime!

The Divine Alignment is not comparable to the techniques of classic energy work nor to the methods of chiropractic or cranio-sacral technique or physiotherapy. It is a superior form of Spiritual Healing, a revolutionary way of regaining health.

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I had been suffering from back pain for over thirty years. I state that for some years now, the left hip has been visibly higher than the right. Thanks to the treatment, my hips are almost aligned and my right leg is shorter than 2.5 cm. of the left, perfectly balanced. My back straightened and the pain lessened, almost imperceptible. Many thanks to Annamaria and Paolo for their mission!

Paola Spinal Alignment

My mom is 73 years old with 2 hernias suffering from back pain and right leg pain. She walked with difficulty. After a treatment of about 20 minutes she was in an upright position and was already walking better... Unbelievable!!! Progress continued gradually, even the operated ankle deflated, and now she is able to move her foot easily. I am incredulous!

Eleonora Spinal Alignment

Paolo and Anna Maria are two splendid people. I did the divine alignment of the spine in November 2016 with some perplexity and skepticism. To my amazement, at the end of the treatment, the clearly lower left shoulder aligned with the right shoulder. I experienced a feeling of regenerating centering. Thanks

Daniele Spinal Alignment

Beautiful experience that will accompany me throughout my life. I thank Anna Maria who with so much love has re-aligned me to the Divine. Now as I walk I feel much more contact with the earth and inner balance. An internal rooting that external and still the energy continues to work and straighten. Wonderful experience, which without physical contact, has immediate and visible effect. Thanks thanks thanks.

Sandro Spinal Alignment