Counselor & Life Coach

Anna Maria Pinto EN

Counselor & Life Coach

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Anna Maria Pinto

Work daily with energy through Reiki, Rebirthing, Theta Healing and the Spine Alignment.

International holistic operator and researcher in the field of quantum physics.
Among the first and best known official aligners and direct collaborator of the school of Anne Hübner.
Writer and revealing of the Matrix.
It’s over twenty years She has studied holistic sciences, hermetic philosophy and the metaphysical and mystical sphere.
Especially She is a councelor, life coach and aligner.
She is officially qualified in the holistic Philippines school as operator following the local traditional method.
She works using multiple energy techniques.
All holistic treatments used are deliberately in absence of manipulation, thus allowing the natural process of transformation and evolution pf consciousness.
Anna Maria Pinto was born in 1970 and lives in Italy.
At the age of 24 she begins a journey of awakening, research and conscious growth, through readings and seminars that lead her to experience psychodynamics and psychocybernetics at the institute of applied psychodynamic research with teacher Dede Riva.
Deepens the theme of angelic energies through seminars held by the journalist Giulietta Bandiera, the well-known teacher and writer Igor Sibaldi and Anne Hubner, famous spiritual healer worldwide.
In 2000 she acquired his Masters in Reiki and Rebirthing following the formation of Leonard Ornn taught by the Samadhi teacher Mattaliano his pupil and has the opportunity to personally assist Sondra Ray, during some of his rebirthing seminars in Italy.
Deepens studies of philosophy and healthy nutrition through courses held by Dr. Martin Halsey (American biologist) and following the system of natural health devised by Michelangelo Chiecchi; also follows for two years naturopathy.
She attends and deepens the neuro-linguistic and body language programming of 3°system, through training courses of PNL on a systemic basis.
Theta Healing practitioner method of Vianna Stibal and 1° level of vibrational medicine method of Baba Bedi.
It works with the Family and Systemic Constellations, and also works to awaken the consciences of indigo children, rainbow children and their direct transitions.
In 2013 she became a spinal column aligner using the method of quantum energy of Anne Hubner and Tanja Aeckesberg. Teachers were personally Anne Hubner with Tanja Aeckesberg and Lothar Guntert.
Especially She is a councelor, life coach and aligner. Currently she works with energy through various techniques as Reiki, Rebirthing, Theta Healing, Traditional Filipino Treatment and the Spine Spiritual Healing Alignment, best known as Allineamento Divino.
She holds seminars for the deepening of techniques useful to develop capacities of the mind and improve their potentialities, as well as a deep work on the self-esteem.
Throughout the year she organizes workshops, seminars for the activation of the various levels of Reiki and training concerning the different holistic techniques.
She deepened the study of the meaning of Death through the traditions of the most important civilizations up to the present and developed a course, theoretical and practical, open to all. “Death: How to surrender to death up to learn to Live”