Quantum Regression

Quantum Regression

With the help of quantum physics, operating in the Superconscious to transform Subconscious and Conscious, to modify your reality

A very interesting and innovative technique that uses the principles and dynamics of quantum physics.
You will work on the quantum field and it will allow you to modify reality, since everything is Energy.
The case does not exist because there is a correlation between the events and the observer.
In the field of infinite love, you will produce your new reality and restore inner harmony.
You will let go of the blocks that manifest themselves in the emotional, energetic and vibrational body, which have so far negatively conditioned you due to some particular or traumatic events encountered in present, past or parallel life.
In a state of deep relaxation, where in any case you are in “presence”, you are led to personally solve what we are ready to abandon at that moment.
Everything happens in a simple, linear way and without any forcing, passing from the Alpha and Theta waves up to the complete resolution.
Coach and coachee work together in meditation, in connection with the quantum field.

Features and Benefits
  • The customer in a state of deep relaxation, but in absolute presence is guided, to solve the blocks
  • We work through the Quantum Field where there is a correlation between observer and events
  • The reality will be modified through the Superconscious and consequently on the Subconscious and the Conscious
  • Acting in the unconscious, in perceptions and emotional feelings is the key to everything
  • It is consistent with ancient spiritual techniques
  • It is for everyone, without contraindications
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    Dear friend looking for help, for better trasparency and considering the current law, I invite you to read the following points:
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    As recognized SpiritualHealers, they accomplish their tasks only through the energy, the force and intelligence of te Spirit.
    SpiritualHealing is not a medical practice, but rather a spiritual procedure.
    A SpiritualHealer makes no healing promises and makes no diagnosis.
    A SpiritualHealer does not recommend stopping medical treatments or treatments prescribed by medics.
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    The client who confirm his assent to be treated, is fully aware of the type of help that a holistic SpiritualHealer can give.