REI defines the cosmic and universal aspect of energy and KI represents the fundamental life force

REIKI is a very ancient transformation method, references have been found in ancient Sanskrit texts, dating back to two thousand five hundred years ago.
The most used and widespread method in the world is the USUI system, of the monk and holistic physician founder Mikao Usui, who lived at the end of the 19th century in Japan.
The USUI natural healing system has been continuously transmitted by the Founders to the masters who have succeeded it to this day all over the planet.
It is a simple method to learn that can lead to an enrichment of daily life with a view to achieving or bringing back Inner Harmony, offering a wider view of the various areas of human experience, related to the physical, mental and spiritual sphere.
Therefore Reiki promotes physical well-being, with a positive effect on the spiritual emotional balance; it is suitable for people of all ages, healthy to maintain health and sick, to regain vital and energetic balance.
Rei-Ki is a Japanese term consisting of two syllables: Rei defines the cosmic and universal aspect of energy; Ki represents the fundamental vital force (ki also for the Chinese, Prana for the Hindus, the Light for the Christians), which pulsates and flows into all living things and of which all are supplied at birth.
Daily we are immersed in the Ki that we consume for each activity; therefore it is necessary to create Ki every day, through a healthy lifestyle, in contact with nature and the inner self, practicing meditation and prayer.
The lifestyle adopted above all by us Westerners, characterized by excessive physical and emotional stress, often does not allow us to recharge our inner and energetic “batteries”.
When we are no longer able to recharge, physical, emotional and mental disorders and illnesses can occur.
Reiki can be used to recharge vital energy, to strengthen the immune system and to keep the disease state away; at the same time it helps to resolve various types of ailments and disorders, healing holistically, that is, considering the human being in its entirety, acting:
– balancing the energy of the body
– increasing self-awareness
– relaxes and reduces tensions
– treats the symptoms and causes of disease
– balances the glands and their functions
– free blocks and repressed feelings
– relieves suffering
– eliminates toxins
How does Reiki work? By the Reiki Master, the operator, through teaching and a complex initiation ceremony, receives the “Reiki Channel” activation; this involves the ability to access universal life energy to be able to donate it to another receiving living being, through the hands.
During the treatment, in receiving the universal vital energy, the person will feel a pleasant sensation of relaxation and abandonment and will absorb the healing energy he needs.
Paracelsus said: “As long as we do not know the condition of INTERNAL HARMONY, we can at best free you from disease, because internal harmony is the source of health. The point is that inner harmony must be fostered”.

Features and Benefits
  • Energy treatment born in 1865 in Japan by Mikao Usui
  • ReiKi is often referred to as “Universal Life Energy”
  • The energy that is transmitted during the treatment is channeled through the hands
  • In ReiKi the energy used is universal, unlike pranotherapy which presupposes the use of personal energy
  • Depending on the various levels reached, it can be transmitted by laying on the hands or even from a distance
  • It is for everyone, without contraindications
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