Filipino Treatment

Filipino Treatment

Ancient traditional holistic method of the Philippines, according to the official school

According to the traditional Filipino method, every man in addition to the physical body has a spiritual body and an soul body.
Each of these bodies has its own energy level.
When the Energy does not flow freely in one or more of these three bodies, blockages occur which do not allow the perfection proper in each of us to manifest.
On a spiritual level, the blocks concern specific situations (emotional and psychological) of this incarnation.
On the soul level, situations mainly concern the genealogical tree, morphogenetic fields, previous lives, the multiverse and parallel lives.
By entrusting the process to your guides, what the holistic operator does is letting himself be led to identify these blocks and remove them.
This therefore acts on several levels and the spiritual transformation can concern the emotional, psychological (fears, anxieties, stress and anger, frustration and sadness), or directly the physical one.
The operator’s task is to bring these energies into harmony to allow a self-healing, all-inclusive work.
If the transformation process is in motion, the flowing Energy will help the process of evolutionary change in man.
It is completely irrelevant how these energy blocks manifest themselves in the body.
During the session there are extraordinary processes often considered humanly impossible.
It is a very effective technique that allows us to face and dissolve different traumas, sometimes without being aware of them.
The facilitator carries out the treatment with the participation of his own spiritual guides and those of the client.
You lie down on the bed and passively receive the treatment in a state of deep relaxation and abandonment.
Conflicts due to trauma dissolve in the physical body, which can cause physical somatization of various origins.
In the soul body we work on previous lives and their unresolved situations, related to one’s family clan or karma.
In the spiritual body we work on emotional and psychological and energetic blocks.
Those who have received the treatment often declare a beautiful feeling of lightness and general well-being.
Anna Maria graduated directly from the Philippines and is recognized internationally in the official Philippine Register, according to the traditional method.

Features and Benefits
  • Technique of the three bodies, soul, physical and spiritual
  • It is carried out with the collaboration of the Spiritual Guides
  • Brings harmony and balance where there are energy blocks
  • You lie down on the bed and passively receive the treatment in a state of deep relaxation and abandonment
  • It is for everyone, without contraindications
  • Anna Maria Pinto is recognized as a Filipino spiritual healer, registered in the Filipino Official Register
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    Dear friend looking for help, for better trasparency and considering the current law, I invite you to read the following points:
    Anna Maria Pinto, like the team of SpiritualHealers, are not doctors or naturopaths, mor claim to be.
    As recognized SpiritualHealers, they accomplish their tasks only through the energy, the force and intelligence of te Spirit.
    SpiritualHealing is not a medical practice, but rather a spiritual procedure.
    A SpiritualHealer makes no healing promises and makes no diagnosis.
    A SpiritualHealer does not recommend stopping medical treatments or treatments prescribed by medics.
    The client, deciding to be treated with any of the available treatments, fully agrees that the SpiritualHealer, in the exercise of his abilities, places hands on specific parts of the body.
    The client, who freely decides to be treated by a SpiritualHealer with any available holistic techniques, assumes full responsibility for his decision and therefore renounces any type of legal action against the person who performed the treatment and his collaborators.
    The client who confirm his assent to be treated, is fully aware of the type of help that a holistic SpiritualHealer can give.