Rimini 24 June – Divine Alignment

Rimini 24 JUNE 2020

Spine Alignment

An energetic treatment that in a few seconds realigns the spine.
The changes, witnessed by those who received it and by the images taken before and after, are sensational.
Treatment brings energy, physical, emotional and mental balance.


24 June 2020


Centro Olistico Club del Gatto C.A.T., Viale Giovanni Pascoli, 53 A, 47923 Rimini RN, Italia


The Event

– ALIGNMENT OF THE VERTEBRAL COLUMN (individual session lasting about 30 minutes)
By appointment only at 339 8969639
Curated by Anna Maria Pinto.

How to Book

For treatments in Rimini, you can kindly contact and reserve your individual session directly with Mrs. Domenica Celli, head of the holistic center CLUB DEL GATTO C.A.T. to the number: 339 8969639